Right Hand Drive Cars For Sale in Florida

Right Hand Drive Cars For Sale in Florida | Get Your JDM RHD

As right hand drive cars are safer for U-turns, and JDM cars are durable, many people want to have them. JDM import car has a great collection of JDM right-hand drive cars for sale in Florida.

Although left-hand drive (LHD) cars are pretty common in the USA, the Florida federal authority does not hinder JDM import car from importing JDM right hand drive cars for sale in Florida.

We sell JDM RHD not only in Florida but also throughout the world.

We are selling JDM right-hand drive cars imported from Japan. With our imported cars, you can hang out with your friends and commute on high hills.

With our JDM right hand drive cars, you can easily communicate and see pedestrians and cyclists to protect you from accidents.

Why You Trust Our Listed JDM Right Hand Drive Cars For Sale in Florida

In our inventory, we have listed all brands of JDM right-hand drive cars for sale in Florida. But we want to let you know why we are different than others in the town. Here you go –

Experience: JDM import car is an importing company that has imported cars all the way from Japan for over 5 years. We are mainly experienced in importing and selling right handed jdm cars and trucks in Florida.

Rigorous Inspection: Rigorous inspection is not generally practiced by many other importing companies, but we do. They just take orders from you and then give orders to the Japanese exporter. BASS.

But this is not the ideal way to buy a JDM right hand drive car. 

On the other hand, we do inspections meticulously to buy you a long-lasting, durable, stylish, unique JDM car.

We do the test drive to know whether the right hand drive is functioning properly, as JDM cars have been used in Japan for at least 25 years.

We also check the denting, cracks, and leaks in any pivotal places that are necessary in order to get rid of accidents.

Road Permission: We import JDM right hand drive cars for sale in Florida by following Florida’s federal rule. As a whole, in the United States of America, one cannot import any foreign car below 25 years from the manufacturing date.

As we maintain the federal rule, you can easily get on and off to JDM car for commuting anywhere in the United States of America.

AfterSale Service: We do not comprise keeping good relations with our customers. That brings new customers, which is essential for a business. We are ready to solve all issues that you will face in your car bought from us.

JDM Right Hand Drive Car

What JDM Right Hand Drive Cars We Sell

  • 1997 Subaru Legasy GT Twin Turbo-84K: This pearl white color car is AWD, which is why it has better traction in the wet. Besides, this car has an OEM frontal lip to reduce drag. You can easily handle your car at high speed. It helps to make your car look sporty. 

Along with other features like – OEM side skirts, OEM adjustable HID headlights, and manufacturer rain guards, it has digital climate control to make your tour a breeze.

A new engine and new battery must attract you to have a look at least.

  • 1994 Mitsubishi Delica- 75K: Like the above one, it has all of the features that you will need. It has a central differential locker. You can check out this car on your website. It has a compass gauge, power sunroof, power windows, and so on.
  • 1997 Pajero. 2.8 Diesel-77Ka: This Green and silver Two-Tone Color 4WD car is super because it is heavy enough to tolerate tear and wear. Besides, it has a factory field monitor factory bushguard.

So, if you want to get a unique, fast-running, gas-efficient right-hand car for yourself, you are welcome to our shop. Talk to our CEO to find the best suggestion. Just choose one that will fit you, make payment, and go home by riding. 

If you want us to drop your car at your doorstep, we have the facility to reach out to you.

  • 1997 Honda Acty Street 4WD Kei Van-73K: This 660cc car is fantastic because it can take around 770 lbs of payload. This car is in excellent condition in our inventory.
JDM Right Hand Drive Cars For Sale