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Are you looking to import your next four-wheeled (Japanese Domestic Cars) JDM car for commuting to the office and visiting new places at the weekend? You are in the right spot. We are the best JDM importer in Florida based on customer satisfaction and have been successfully importing cars that fulfill our customer’s requirements, like high mileage, durability, unique design, and so on.

The Reasons for Buying from JDM Import Car

Over 5 years, we, JDM IMPORT CAR, have been successfully importing cars for our customers. First, we ask our clients which brand or model they are looking for. Then, we give full details of our client’s requirements to our Japan-stationed team. They also find out rare and hard-to-find cars. 

They test drive the car, check leaks, and inspect internal and external sides thoroughly. Finally, select the car which meets the requirements. Finally, they bargain the price.

You may have researched on your own which car you are going to buy. Just let us know, and we will import it for you. If you haven’t researched yet, let us know your requirements and desires, and our expert team will give you a holistic car recommendation that will fit you. 

Yes, we import cars that are over 25 years old. You may be wondering why 25 years older cars because it is the JDM car import law in the United States of America by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

We have entrusted our customers with keeping faith in us. According to their satisfaction, we are the best JDM importer in Florida.

JDMs We Import in Florida

We import a variety of RHD (right-hand drive) cars and trucks of different brands. You can visit our inventory to get the whole idea. We import brands like – Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, and Pajero.  

All of our imported cars are exempt from NHSTA, DOT (Department of Transportation), FHTSA (Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration), and EPV (Environmental Protection Agency).

So, you are legal to commute to anywhere.

Areas We Sell JDM in Florida

  • Miami Metropolitan area.
  • Fort Lauderdale.
  • West Palm Beach.
  • Tampa Bay.
  • Orlando.
  • Cape Coral.

Things to Consider When Finding a Reliable JDM Importer in Florida

The fallacy is everywhere, so you have to keep your eyes open when finding a reputable JDM importer in Florida or wherever. Many importers will guarantee you that you will get a new and high-end JDM if you buy from them. But in reality, they can’t give you. 

Because Japanese Domestics Cars (JDM) means every foreign vehicle less than 25 years old is not allowed to ride in the United States of America.

Do not let you buy cars or trucks or SUVs from them without having a phone call.

Here are the few steps you must follow when you are finding a JDM importer in Florida –

  • Is this company licensed and bonded? This is the first question you should be looking for the answer to. If a company is licensed and bonded to federal law, then you can buy your car or trucks without a doubt. Just check it with Florida Department of Motor Vehicle.

JDM IMPORT CAR is a licensed and bonded JDM importer in Florida. 

  • Ask your car enthusiast friends and family: This is the easy way to find out the best JDM importer in Florida. Car enthusiasts can suggest a holistic importer who is a well-mannered professional.
  • Ask the importer questions: Ask questions about the importer’s importing policy, how much their fee is, how long the importer has been in the business, how many cars and trucks they have imported yet, and so on.

Well, do not forget to ask them what the aftersale service of them. This is fundamental.

The JDM IMPORTER CAR has been importing cars and trucks for 5 years. Our company loves to take care of clients by solving problems that arise after sale. So you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Benefits You Will Get After Buying From Us

  • High-quality cars and trucks at affordable prices.
  • Great aftersale service.
  • Unique-designed cars.
  • High fuel efficient car.

Finally, we believe you will commute safely and enjoy the journey to your destination with JDM cars from JDM IMPORT CAR.